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How to uncover your message strategy

Nili Golberg, growth strategist and part of the ILog team, unveils the key steps to uncover the messaging strategy for startups and tech companies.


In a nutshell:
The constant velocity joint to smoothly transfer rotational motion between two bent shafts.

The Problem we are solving:
The limitation in bending angle, axial rigidity or constant velocity that badly effects on various issues such as maneuvering cars on a small parking lot in the city, riding SUV off a road or limited angle of a steering wheel adjustment, and many, many more technical applications in different machinery industries where the smooth transfer of rotation motion of bent axels is important to function.

Our Solution:
Is the brand new design of constant velocity joint. A patented technology granted in the USA and a patent pending in the EU.
No need to compromise among constant velocity, high bend angle an axial rigidity. It is all in one masterpiece.
This enables cars to be more agile on the city roads and bring a better experience to drivers, but can also precisely transfer rotational motion for microsurgery tools.

What stage are we and what’s next:

We have already a prototype, and we need to run a marketing campaign and endurance tests.
We look for an investment to cover the costs to attract the right market and get all required technical certificates required for delivery.

Contact us!:
www.comblax.com [email protected]

Lecture about Cyber and the challenges that the government is facing with

thank you Ram LeviKonfidas for very different, intelligent and interesting lecture!

Shark Tank

Mid-program Shark Tank
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Nielsen InnovateICVIBI בית השקעות

Meeting with Nili Shalev, Managing Director & National Coordinator, ISERD Innovation Authority

Learning about our options with Israel, and… stay tuned

Israel Innovation Authority Israel Innovation Authority

Opening event of the program, with the attendance of the Ambassador and the Director from the Dep. Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Refundit – startup by the founder of Waze, is on a pilot in Slovakia. we had a very interesting discussion with Tom Degani.

Do you know how much money you lose for not asking your VAT refund after shopping abroad? It’s time to give up the complicated paperwork and transfer to digitization!
Thank you Tom Degani and Good luck Refundit – Tax free shoppingRefundit – ריפנדיט

Meeting GE Healthcare and Prof. Ada Yonath- Nobel Laureate. what a day!!

Reaching Individual Goals, By Utilizing Community Wisdom

Community super powers by the super-entrepreneur Nitzan Gal

The Future of Mobility Hackathon Win!

We are proud to announce that our Slovakian teams of entrepreneurs from the Israeli iLog Accelerator won the 2nd place in The Future of Mobility Hackathon, held by the Israel Roads Company.

The team, led by iLog VP Operations- Adam Grey, included the Slovakian entrepreneurs:
Michal Matus- eParkio
Rob Kramer- eParkio
Martin Gecik- Comblax
Peter Sedlacko- Biomedical Engineering
Pavel Nestina- BEBE Transport
Martin Bodnar- Mobiotec

During the 24 hours of work, our team developed a groundbreaking product called “SonaRoads”. This new technology can help roads infrastructure companies to get real-time data on all road conditions, damage, danger, and needed maintenance.
The predictive maintenance technology will save millions of lives, save 25% of road repairs costs, accidents and vehicle damage, private lawsuits and a huge burden on the economy.