Creative Thinking Workshop

The Slovak Ambassador H.E. Peter Hulenyi Slovenské veľvyslanectvo v Izraeli / Slovak Embassy in Israelhonored us and took part in the Creative Thinking Workshop by the entrepreneur Natan Leibzon

8200 Unit- Empowering females entrepreneurs

Getting inspiration תכנית Woman2Woman – עמותת בוגרי 8200 Hagar Thanks so much!

What turns managers into leaders?

What turns managers into leaders? we found the answer to that, thanks to Dr. Ravit Oren

Meeting Orcam

Not that often we are lucky to ran into a game changer tech. last week we were very lucky meeting OrCam – אורקם

Marketing Essentials for Startups Workshop

Getting practical tools and methodologies to form a marketing strategy and enjoying it! Thanks Lirone Glikman You’re awesome!

Impact Labs Tour

We took a dip into the amazing world of MAKERS.
Touring Impact Labs we met startups who told us their stories, we learned about the maker’s ecosystem and the incredible benefits of working in such an environment. It’s truly a gem in the Israeli startup world.

Lean Canvas Methodologies

Diving deep into the Lean Canvas methodologies with the amazing Memi Genosar

The Grand Opening

Kick off!!!
The opening event, the first day.
Meeting our great teams and going over the program in details. We had the honor of welcoming the Slovakian ambassador, Mr. @Peter Hulenyi and had a great welcoming dinner on the beach.
A perfect day!