Event Highlights

Highlights of talks and conferences in our last Log acceleration program

Slide Using psychology to design your customers’ behavior Speaker Highlights from the conference Dr. Liraz Margalit Slide HOW EMOTIONS SHAPE BRANDS EXPERIENCES? We keep on hearing about the significant role of emotions in driving engagement, loyalty and brand awareness, but what is the relationship between emotions and experience? Emotions, both – positive and negative, shape what we remember from the experience.
WHAT IS BEHAVIOR DESIGN? Behavior Design is a practical approach that integrates Behavioral Economic and cognitive science models with design thinking to drive behavioral change at the product, service, and experience levels. The philosophy of Behavior Design is that science and creative problem solving go hand in hand. By simplifying behavioral science into an easy-to-use canvas and toolbox, Behavior Design Thinking enables you to pick up the tools and start innovating right away!

Now more than ever, it’s critical for product organizations to know the science underneath human behavior, how to apply it, and how to respect users’ dignity.
Slide 80% of everything you put online DOESN'T WORK in the way that you think it would do. format_quote Vice President Digital Journeys at T-Mobile Giles Richardson Slide THE EXPERIENCE DESIGN APPROACH We actually DON'T know our preferences that well THE RATIONAL APPROACH Your customer knows what she wants and all you need to do is to provide her with the relevant information Slide AND THOSE PARTS SPEAK TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGUES There are two different parts in our brain that process information differently Decision Cognition Emotion