Our Speakers

Each of our speakers has personal experience in shepherding embryonic startups and businesses into successful products, companies, and exits. They know, from personal experience, the techniques needed to transform an idea or a company into a marketable product. They are the products and creators of Israel's successful entrepreneurial culture.

Ms. Lirone Glikman

Global Markets Development

Lirone is a global markets development expert, a business relationship strategies and a global keynote speaker.Lirone supports startups, business owners and corporate in business development

Memi Genosar

Business Development Advisor

Holds an MBA (Tel Aviv University) focus on Strategy and International marketing, entrepreneur, strategy and business development advisor to startups in various industries, in the last 4 years involved in few accelerators.

Martin Sabag

Product management

Martin had over 10 years of experience in Product management, industry analysis, both inbound- and ‎outbound- marketing. Martin successfully combines deep technical, marketing, sales, and business/customer ‎understanding.

Dr. Liraz Margalit

Digital Psychologist

Dr. Liraz Margalit, Digital psychologist and Head of Behavioral Research at Clicktale, will share a comprehensive user behavior study based on analyses of the world’s leading brands.

Tomi Deutsch

Smart City Director

Tomi is a Managing director “Smart City” at Milgam, the largest Government Administration in Israel. Tomi have a strong business and legal background in the fields of Real Estate, Municipal Services, Government Services, Public Tenders, ``Smart City``.

Dr. Ravit Oren

Organizational Leadership Lecturer

Dr. Ravit Oren is an expert and lecturer in Organizational Leadership with a unique specialization in innovative Talent Management, reward systems and performance evaluations that create high organizational profit lines.