Six Slovaks managed to score in Israel, which is the world leader in the use of digital innovation. In the prestigious fin-tech hackathon competition in Tel Aviv, they took a beautiful third place. Vice-prime minister Veronika Remišová met with successful innovators, who thanked them for their great representation of our country abroad.

“The success of our team is proof that we have really skillful and talented people in Slovakia, who have full heads of quality ideas. On the other hand, this means that as a country we have a lot to offer to the world. We must continue to support startups and innovation clusters because they often have excellent ideas, but no capital to push them into the international market,” said the Vice Prime Minister.

Maxee payment card proposal, with which six Slovaks scored in Israel, would bring benefits to employees of companies and their use would motivate them to a healthy lifestyle. Employees would pay for wellness, massages, culture, or books from the card and they would be credited to every single purchase according to the decision of the employer, a certain amount which would subsequently come to their account as extra money at the end of the month.

Employers will be satisfied because healthy employees give better performance and the employee will be satisfied and healthier.

With this solution, Slovaks shined in an extremely strong Israeli competition. Third place in the hackathon is a very valuable victory because Israel belongs to the technological powers. He is a startup and innovative role model for us.
Congratulations to the placement and fingers crossed for the screening of other ideas into reality.

Pavilion and Jan Slovak entrepreneurs and Maxee developers